Breaking down the Cost of Funeral Homes

The sudden death of a loved one can be burdensome, especially if the remaining family members are having financial difficulty. It is easy to just go with a cheap alternative but oftentimes it also means getting poor service.Understanding what you are paying for allows you to widen your options. Here’s a list of the things that are inclusive in your payment for funeral homes:

• Location

Memorial providers who are within the immediate vicinity cost lesser due to cheaper transportation costs. However, if there are other funeral homes off state that fit your needs, then consider the additional expenses it will incur.

• Raw material costs

Caskets and urns are made of various materials like wood, metal, stone and alloy. Some of these materials might not be available locally so providers have to source them which add to the price of the finished product.

• Labor

The fabrication of caskets and urns is also a huge factor in costing. Some funeral homes have their own production line so they can lower the cost of their products. Those that have to rely on outside craftsmen have to jack up their prices because of the extra labor cost.

Funeral Homes

• Technologies Used

Modernfuneral homes have now upgraded their services to digital. Live streaming, digital guest books, online obituaries and drone coverage are some of the offers that can also increase your bill so make sure to clarify the type of coverage they endorse.

• Individual Services

Availing a la carte services tend to be more expensive compared to packages. However, if you feel that individual services are better then try to ask for a discount from the funeral director.

• Customization

Special requests like non-standard caskets or handcrafted urns are more costly so expect to spend more if you are considering these. Talk to the funeral director for alternative options such as buying your own item, this way you have control over your purchase rather than relying on commercial pricing.

• Extra Services

Additional requests like additional manpower from the funeral staff will certainly increase you bill because the owner will be paying more people to work for you. To save money, ask your family and friends to help out during the interment.


• Reputation/License

Funeral homes with accreditation tend to increase their rates regularly since they believe customers are willing to pay more for businesses with good reputation.

• Third Party

Some memorial providers hireexternal agents or middle men to increase their sales. These people have a percentage in every sale or referral made so they recommend more expensive services. Do your own research prior to talking to an agent so you don’t get swayed to get the higher prices.

• Business Affiliation (independent/corporation)

A business’ status greatly affects its pricing. Small, independent companies tend to be less expensive compared to multi-corporations. Independent business owners handle advertising, customer service, and labor personally while big players often hire more manpower for these tasks so they cover up the cost by increasing prices.

• Type of Service

Funeral rites commonly have a higher rate because it has more details compared to a cremation that has a typically a short service.

• Benefits

If your beloved is a veteran or a government employee, check for special offers and benefits given to them by memorial homes. Not only will it lessen your expenses but it will also assure a decent burial for the deceased.

• Religious or Cultural Specialty

Some clients who come from multiple cultural or religious backgrounds prefer a fusion ceremony where in several beliefs and practices will be combined in one funeral ceremony. Thus, the funeral home needs to customize and import materials which can cost more. In such cases, suggest a compromise, provide the items that they need if they are from your place or country or you can ask people to lend you items related to the burial and return them afterwards. This method saves money, time and effort for the two parties.

The loss of a loved one can be heart-breaking and providing them a nice funeral is a way of showing affection so the least you can do is provide the best service.However, a decent burial need not be expensive, all that has to be done is to consider the important factors and be creative for the rest.

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Assuring the Quality of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are important components of electrical appliances and gadgets. Computers, TV sets, cell phones and everything else that run on electrical circuitry have a PCB embedded inside them. If you want to see how a PCB looks like, open up your old desktop computer and look at its motherboard. The motherboard is the largest PCB in the computer and connected to it are smaller motherboards, each one with a specific function that makes your computer system run efficiently.

Before printed circuit boards came into use, you will find messy tangles of wires running in different directions inside an electronic device – for example, radio and television sets manufactured way back in the 1950s until early 1960s. The electrical connections were made with point-to-point wiring that are prone to crack with age, leading to failures at the wire junctions.

Wire wrapping improved the durability of wire connections but added to the cost of production

To meet the increasing demand for electronic products, the need to reduce the size of each device and improve the cost of production resulted to the development of printed circuit boards. The use of PCBs streamlined the design of electronic circuits and significantly reduced the space required to house the electrical components.

The electronic components of a printed circuit board include capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes and inductors connected by conductive wires where the electricity flows. The mechanical support or main board through which the components are attached is typically fiberglass, while the flow of electricity is supported by conductive traces made from copper.

Printed Circuit BoardsA PCB loaded with components is called the printed circuit board assembly, which is officially called the circuit card assembly. A variation of the PCB is the printed wiring board wherein the components are not embedded into the board.

The PCB or circuit assembly is a stable combination of complex circuits in a modular design, which utilizes minimal space. It is important in the mass production of complex electronic devices, among these are the appliances and gadgets that we use in our day-to-day activities. The PCB is integral to the electronics industry and is typically used in computer systems for interconnecting components, such as the monitor to the CPU, and the different disk drives to the hard disk drive.

When a circuit board assembly in your computer malfunctions, there is a good chance that you can have it replaced with a unit that can be easily sourced from computer shops and online stores.  Fact is, when you open your computer, you will most likely find that the various circuit board assemblies are produced by companies other than the computer manufacturer itself.

Companies that specialize in printed circuit boards, such as have offshore affiliates that handle the production of these items to meet the demands of the electronic industry. PCB assemblies are produced through a complex manufacturing process, which starts with a design automation tool capturing the desired schematics, developing the design, then proceeding to the creation of the template for mass production.

Automation is employed in the production of PCBs to complete orders of as many as hundreds of thousands in a few days

The automated production starts with the raw circuit board with a non-conductive bottom layer and an upper layer of conductive metal sheet, usually copper. The design is printed into the metal layer with etch-resistant ink, then the raw board is treated with chemicals to etch out the metal, leaving only the metal portions where the designs were printed.

Printed Circuit Board AssemblyThe metal design or trace is the conductive portion of the circuit, which allows current to flow to each of the PCB components. The components are soldered into the board then the production lot is tested before shipping it for distribution.

The consistency, reliability and precision of every PCB unit are assured by the automated systems employed from design to production. PCB assemblies manufactured in the US and in offshore locations comply with the standards set by the IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits) that cover every step of PCB production from design, assembly, testing and acceptance.

The IPC, the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, is responsible for the standardization of the assembly and production requirements of printed circuit boards and other electronic components. The IPC is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which sets global standards for products.

The Challenge Coins and the Birth of the New Business

The early batches of challenge coins were not as gorgeous and well-made as the coins being offered in the modern time. The advanced technologies (compare that from the past) that most coin manufacturers employ today makes it all possible to produce high quality coins with flawless craftsmanship. There are also more available materials, such as the different metals and tints to use, to produce the quality coins. Most novelty shops also sell unique coins that can only be found in their shops.

The coins also come in different shapes and sizes. Since they are still considered coins, their size must fit in the palm of the hand. There are also lots of coin manufacturers, like Challenge Coins 4 Less, that offer free coin design to clients. You have an option to submit your own design to us and we will do our best to enhance that design and meet your satisfaction.

We can also design your coin for you and all you need to do is tell us the things that you want to include in your coin. We also welcome a rough sketch of the design and our team of remarkable artists will finalize it, and then send you the proof. We do revisions for free and we will only mint your custom coins upon your approval.

The Incident that Paved Way to the New Business

There were no custom coin manufacturers in the past, and a certain (well-to-do) American officer of a particular squadron thought that it was a good idea to give a medallion to each member of his unit. The medallion bore the same features as the modern custom coins today, except the craftsmanship is way better in this era.

Coins BusinessTo cut the story short, the American soldier from the rich commander’s unit was saved by his medallion. He was captured by the enemy and was able to escape until he reached the outpost of their French allies. Because he got nothing on him to identify himself, the French took the American soldier as prisoner. Luckily, one of the French soldiers recognized the medallion that the American soldier hung around his neck. He was freed and was able to reunite with his unit.

He told the story and that piece went down the history. From that day on a new tradition was born. It was the start, lots of things happened afterwards.

Giving Out Coins in the Military

The tradition in the US Military of handing challenge coins as rewards to deserving soldiers began in the early 1960s. A curator of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum confirmed that a member of the 11th Specials Forces Group collected some old coins and stamped them with a different symbol or logo. He then presented the modified coins to each member of his unit. The story became popular and it reached the ears of the former 10th Special Forces Group commander.

The former commander decided to mint the first ever challenge coins. He then gave the coins to each member of the 10th Special Forces Group. The said unit was the only unit with their own military coin, and it remained that way for at least a decade or two. After such period, an outburst of custom coin minting took place. Every unit wanted to have their own military coins.

The coins usually bear the unit insignia on front. The coins are typically distributed by the unit’s commander. The coins were able to deepen the bond of each unit and improved their camaraderie.

Challenge CoinsBusiness minded people predicted a good fortune and future from the humble medallion. Soon, more and more businessmen got into custom coin minting and got their share of a good fortune. The modern custom coins are being used for various purposes and reasons. They are no longer limited to military use.

The Almost Infinite Existence

Businesses, organizations, clubs, schools, event organizers, and private individuals found lots of uses for the custom coins. Some fresh entrepreneurs still choose to open a custom coin manufacturing business. As long as people remain fascinated with the attractive coins, expect more businessmen to consider putting up their own challenge coin business.

It is still too early to tell the direction that the custom coin business is going. The coins might still be popular now, and might suddenly become a thing of the past by tomorrow. It is also possible that the coins will remain forever.

As of now, the challenge coins are still popular and their popularity never seems to diminish. Due to this, you can expect the birth of more coin manufacturers today or the near future. In the mean time, if you want to know more, then contact us for further details.

3 Things you’ll get from hamptons real estate services given by li-realestatefinder

By availing hamptons real estate services given by li-realestatefinder, you get access to all our services. We are here to help you from finding your dream house to furnishing it with your list of must-haves items. We can turn the complex procedures of owning a new home into a fun hassle-free experience.

Below are three things you will get from hamptons real estate services given by li-realestatefinder. Aside from those three, we also help in constructions, remodeling, interior design, landscaping, and even credit repair.

•    Finding Your Dream Home

Real EstatesUsing our search bar, you can easily find possible houses that fit as your dream home. With our advanced search, you can key in specific requirements to narrow down your choices.

If you are new to buying a house, or in need of ideas on how to find the right property for you, let us help you.

•    Consider the neighborhood.

This is one of those things that buyers tend to miss. Because they are too focused on the interior and exterior of the house, they forgot to consider their neighbors. We recommend that you take a look if the neighborhood fits your lifestyle, especially if you plan on residing in the house for a long time.

•    Functionality vs. Appearance

Do not be deceived by the beautiful interiors and attractive features of the house. You have to make sure that the construction is excellent, as well. It is important to consider the general condition of the house, whether or not you are planning to resell it.

•    A Room for Alterations

Looking for houses becomes painful when you have a lot of requirements, and you are not willing to compromise any of them. Setting priorities is a key. Most of the time, you get stuck between comfort and aesthetic. You have to decide which one is more important for you and your family.

•    Be realistic with your budget.

If you have a small budget, it is not a problem because you still have good choices of properties. Some may be old, but they are still functional. You should not choose a property way beyond your budget and then make a really low offer for it will not be granted. We advise that you keep on looking instead.

Getting Only the Best Brokers

Our brokers play a part in hamptons real estate services given by li-realestatefinder. We only employ the best brokers to help you get your chosen house in a reasonable price. These are the traits brokers you can find at our site have:

•    Local Knowledge

They are experienced in selling houses in the area you chose. You may ask them about their past clients’ contact information. Ask their clients about their experiences working with the broker. Feel free to ask brokers for testimonials too.

•    Professionalism

They respect their clients’ time by always arriving on time for house viewing and tours. They also look presentable, wearing smart casuals and being properly groomed. Additionally, they carry themselves confidently as needed for their job.

•    Strong Negotiation Skills

Aside from being confident, they are also excellent in negotiating. They make sure that they provide satisfaction for both buyers and sellers. Good brokers are also communicative; they are always available to be of service to clients.

•    Integrity

This is the most important trait. Good brokers have integrity. They work hard to find the right buyers. They do not rush their job just to get their commission right away. Brokers, who possess honesty and integrity, are a pleasure to work with.

House Loaning Must-Know

Helping you get a house loan is also included in hamptons real estate services given by li-realestatefinder. For those who would like to try it out, keep the following pointers in mind.

•    Eligibility for House Loans

The bank will look at your profile. Minors are not allowed to make a loan. They will also consider your assets and liabilities. Your source of income has to be stable. If you made too many loans before that are still not completely paid, you may not also be eligible for a house loan.

•    Two Types of House Loan

You have to choose between fixed and floating rates. The interest rate of fixed loan rates is not affected by market fluctuations. Floating interest rates vary according to the market condition. The interest of fixed rate is greater than the floating rate by 1 to 2.5 percent.

•    Read Before You Sign

Once your application has been granted, make sure you read and understand each term regarding your loan. Know the possible penalties that you may encounter. Be mindful as well with all the extra charges, so that you will not be surprised by how much salary deduction you’re getting because of your house loan.

Designing Tips for Embroidered Patches from

The embroidered patches are made of fabric materials that are typically being sewn into a cloth. The traditional use of embroidered patches is by sewing it into the cloth, but, nowadays, there are many types of patches that became available in the market. Some examples of it are the iron on patches, button loop, and many more.

Custom Embroidered PatchesThe patches are being used in several purposes. One of the common purpose of the embroidered patches is it is being used for school, office or any kinds of uniforms. The patches, which is made up of fabric backing and threads, are being attached into the uniform, to show the logo or symbol of a particular organization or institution. The embroidered patch contains the insignia of a certain group, wherein the other people may easily recognize that a person is a member or belongs to a particular group.

There are many companies that can be found on the internet that offers custom making of embroidered patches. These custom patches have a design that will be based on the desire of the client. The is one of the companies you may consider when it comes to the making of custom embroidered patches. We are a company that makes and supplies custom made patches and we provide the best and high quality products. You may reach us on our site so you may view more about our products and other services.

In order to have a custom embroidered patch, you will need to send your design into the company that you have chosen. If you are taking a hard time in thinking about how to start designing your patch, you may consider these following tips.

The first thing you must consider in making the design for your patch is for what purpose it may serve to you or to your company. You must definitely know the exact purpose of why you want to have a custom patch. If you have a definite concept or idea, you can come with a design that will suit to your objective. Be simple in making your design and put all of the relevant details or information. You can draw your design on the paper, so you may see the draft of your custom patch design. But, if you prefer to let the company make your design, you must ensure the exact fee to be collected or maybe, for some companies this matter is totally free of charge.

With, we are offering a free artwork if in case you want us to make your patch design. We are also accepting the designs made by our clients. If you are very interested to communicate with us, you may visit our site and send us your suggested design for your custom embroidered patch. We will give a feedback as soon as we receive your inquiry, and we will make a virtual proof of your designed patch before we proceed to finalization of orders.

Custom PatchesAside from the design of your patch, you may also decide on what shape you would like it to be. There are several kinds of shapes available. The backing is also very important because it serves as the support of the patch. The most common types of backing are the iron on backings, button loops, Velcro and adhesive. The iron on backing is sometimes called as the heat seal, because it uses heat in attaching the patch into the cloth.

The is one of the companies that offers different kinds of backings for custom patches. We have iron on patches, button loops, tape backing, Velcro and plastic backing. All of these are readily available in our company. We also have different kinds of borders for your patches like the hot cut edge and the merrow borders.

In designing your embroidered patch, you must also consider its colors. After you have made a design, you can now pick the right colors that will fit well into your platform. You may use a Pantone Matching System in order to pick the most appropriate color and the one that you exactly like. The colors must be contrasted with one another. If the details in your design have light colors, you must use dark backgrounds. If the details are darker, you must use a light background so the design will stand out.

The offers several thread colors, as well as a metallic thread for those who does not want a too much colorful patch. We are using a high quality thread that will make your custom patches artistic and have a professional look. You can get a free quote after filling up the form on our site.

The budget is one of the most important things you shall consider after making a design for your patches. It is important to consider the prices and other additional offers from different companies. The offers affordable prices of custom patches, and we also provide a free shipping within the USA via FedEx.

Designing your custom patches requires a creative concept, choice of backing options, patch shape and color, as well as a budget that is very needed before you decide on hiring a company that will make your custom embroidered patch.

In Focus: Callaway Golf Company

When it comes to golf equipment, one of the trusted names is Callaway Golf. This company was founded by Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr. in 1982. Its main headquarters is situated in California, USA. Its operation reaches more than 70 countries throughout the world. It manufactures, designs, and sells golf equipment, golf accessories, and other golf-related products. It is currently the biggest maker of golf clubs in the world.

Consumers can buy the company’s products through several ways. They may find them in golf retailers as well as sporting goods retailers. They may also get them from mass merchants. They can also be bought directly from their website, plus the company’s trade-in and pre-owned services.

Callaway Golf’s Perspective

Golf BallsThe perspective of Callaway Golf is that golf should be made as enjoyable as possible for the average player. It believes that this is the key in making the game grow. In this regard, the company’s goal is to design, construct, and sell the most forgiving golf clubs in the history of golf. Such clubs give players a better chance of hitting good shots. Ely Callaway believes that helping people enjoy golf contributes greatly to the development of the game.


Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr. started business in the textile industry. He was highly successful in the said industry. Even back then, he was really fond of playing golf. During these times, he used clubs of the brand Hickory Sticks. This very company would be the one that’ll later turn into Callaway Golf.

When Hickory Sticks ran low on funds, one of the people the owners approached to become an investor is Ely Callaway. He agreed and eventually bought half of the company in 1982; the company was then renamed to Callaway Hickory Stick. In 1984, he bought the remaining half of the company. He was already the president since 1983. He then moved the base to Carlsbad, California. In 1988, the company changed to the present name.

Callaway GolfThroughout the years, Ely Callaway hired a number of talented people to work for his company. He recruited people to lead designs, manufacture, and of course, the sales of the company. The continuous development of their products in adherence to the company’s principle resulted in the company being a significant name in the golf industry. The company became famous in releasing innovative golf clubs and other equipment. Today, the company tops any other firm when it comes to the number of golf clubs they sell.

The company also ventured into designing and manufacturing golf balls. Its objective was to create a ball that would eliminate the need for players to prioritize one aspect over the other. Normally, golf balls are developed separately specialized for durability, distance, control, and spin. Ely Callaway explained that the development team strived for a golf ball that combines all the performance benefits in one ball. With such a ball, a player no longer needs to sacrifice one benefit for another.

One of the indicators of the growth of Callaway Golf is its expansion not just by widening its service area; it also acquired subsidiaries.

The company bought Odyssey Sports, thus expanding its putter line. It also acquired Top-Flite, Ben Hogan, and Strata.

Popular Products

Below are just some of the popular products of Callaway Golf:

• Drivers – Big Bertha Driver, Big Bertha Alpha Driver

• Fairway Woods – X Hot Pro Fairway, FT Optiforce Fairway Wood

• Irons – RAZR Muscleback, X Hot Tour

• Hybrids – X Hot Pro, RAZR X HL

• Wedges – Callaway Forged, Callaway Mac Daddy 2

• Balls – HEX Chrome, HX Diablo Tour

Some Trivia

Some more bonus info:

• The company doesn’t only deal with physical golf; it also took part with digital! Nintendo partnered up with the company for holding tournaments for the video game Mario Golf: World Tour which will happen between May and September of 2014. Gear from the company will be featured in the tournaments.

• The San Diego Better Business Bureau bestowed the 2005 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics to Callaway Golf (December 8, 2005).

Golf Callaway Golf company are manufactures, designs, and sells golf equipment, golf accessories, and other golf-related products. 

How To Make Moving Easier And Stress Free With Movable Containers

Finding the best and durable moveable containers is easier nowadays due to the increase in suppliers who are available in the market. An example of these suppliers is the We are a company, which allows you to rent or buy a portable storage and deliver it to your home.

The concept of moveable container is not so new. However, many people still do not know how to maximize the benefits that one can derive from using this container, thus, we bring this article as a guide for you.

Price quotation

These containers come in various sizes and styles. We gathered that moving is the common use of these containers. Many companies offer these containers to moving families as an alternative way for hiring trucks where the rising costs on trucking bleed the pockets of ordinary citizens. Moreover, many companies that offer these services include hidden costs that seem unnecessary but manage to coerce moving families in paying.

With moving containers, you do not have to worry about hidden costs. When you get a price quotation, that is what you pay. Let us continue with our company,, as the example. Our quote price does not change from the actual cost you pay, except of course, if you got the quotation months before you confirm the job order. Thus, before any confirmation, check whether prices have changed since the last time you ask for any quotations to avoid misunderstanding.

Cost of renting

Moveable ContainerRental costs vary according to size, quantity of containers and number of days. Thus, ascertain the number of portable storage that you need when moving by assessing your furniture and appliances. For example, the sixteen-foot portable storage that we, at, offer, can store furniture and appliances equivalent to a three fully furnished room. One fully furnished room can occupy a small container measuring to seven feet.

Packing your items

The challenge in moving your things is keeping them scratch and damage free. Although the company will be careful in transporting your things to your new location, the secret to scratch and damage free furniture and appliances is during the packing process.

Cover your items with stretch wrap to protect them from scratches. Fill the sides of your furniture or appliances with paper or furniture pads to prevent damages before covering them with stretch wrap. Use loading straps to secure your items when you place them inside the movable storage. If you are not good with packing your things, we, at, can offer assistance with minimal charges. Make sure to tell us that you need assistance so that we can send someone to help you.

Metal ContainersIn loading the items inside the container, follow the proper way of stacking them. Create balance with your items. If you place heavy furniture on the right side, offset it with an item with similar or close to that weight on the left side. Put small items last.

Remove everything in your cabinets, refrigerators and other items that serve as storages. Pack these items in separate boxes and label these boxes properly. These procedures make the unpacking easier. Additionally, placing your items on smaller storages protects them from scratches, dents or any kinds of damages. Just make sure that you stuff them with paper pads, specifically for breakables.


Most companies do not allow hazardous chemicals inside their portable storages because these chemicals may leak and create damage not only to your items but also to the container. These hazardous items may corrode, or trigger explosions during moving. Many companies do not allow perishables since they may form molds and rot especially if the container will be stuck for an extended period. Do not store important documents in the moving container.

Portable Storage ContainerFollowing these restrictions makes the moving a lot easier. One, you surely avoid penalties when you follow the rules. Two, following these restrictions keeps inconvenience at bay. Inconveniences may include misplaced documents once you unload your items in your new location or delay in moving from you old home to your new home. Lastly, it prevents damages on your items.

Moving to a new place is stressful. You will be facing a new environment and new neighbors. However, with us here at, things will be easier. The cost is cheaper and your items are safer. We can assist you, if necessary, from stacking your items in the movable container to unloading them.

Advance Your Cause With Silicone Bracelets

Special interest groups supporting specific noble causes are sprouting everywhere in recent years. Noble causes, such as assistance to victims of natural disasters, awareness of diseases and health issues, prevention of child and domestic abuse, animal abuse, and much more. Such interest groups are small in membership and lack the resources they need to advance their cause. With the limited resources, spreading awareness of the cause and communicating the message is a challenge.

It was Lance Armstrong who started the use of silicone bracelets in 2004 to raise funds for cancer awareness. Since then, other cause-oriented groups found the use of silicone bracelets a powerful tool for spreading the message.

A strong communication tool

Silicon BraceletSpecial interest groups found the silicone bracelets highly effective in raising awareness for their cause which is why these bracelets are sometimes referred to as awareness bracelets. The reason, however, why these bracelets are popular is because of their durability and its ability to be customized in accordance with the group’s preferences. And, silicone bracelets are inexpensive, particularly if bought in bulk.

If you are one who supports a specific cause, customizing the bracelets means the message gets displayed with the choice of color and style, according to your preference. The message then becomes the walking billboard that speaks of and for your cause.

Style comes with any of the following:

• Debossed – this is a popular style among groups where the message is stamped int0 the bracelet.

• Colored debossed – having your text colored and debossed makes your message stand out and catchy.

• Embossed – a style which raises your text approximately 2 millimeters from the surface, making your text visible and dimensional.

• Screen printed – a style which prints your message directly on both sides of the rubber surface. You can have a choice of color for your message which is different from the bracelet for contrast appeal.

Another feature which makes the silicone bracelet attractive as a communication tool is the use of color and pattern design. You can choose the color and pattern such as the -color bands, swirled bands, or multi-colored bands which combine and intertwine several colors.

Establishing identity with the colors

Rubber BraceletsColors carry deep symbolism. The choice of color is an intention, which, in time becomes the identity of the group and those who support its cause. Communicating your message across, therefore, requires knowing how and why colors speak for you and your cause. Colors occur in nature and are universal in understanding. For instance, green is the color of trees (the color used to symbolize environmental concerns) and blue the color of the sky which brings tranquility used to symbolize psychological concerns.

Knowing what the colors stand for may help you choose the color you want, or you may seek the assistance of an expert.

For awareness bracelets, the following are a few samples that the colors represent:

• Red –health concerns like AIDS, HIV, and heart disease

• Yellow – cancer, prevention of suicides, adoption

• Green – environmental concerns, kidney and organ donations

• Blue – child abuse, victims of natural disasters, drunk driving

• Purple – animal abuse, cystic fibrosis, religious tolerance, other health issues

• Brown – tobacco avoidance, cancer specific to colon and colorectal

• Black – death with dignity (euthanasia), mourning, gang prevention

• Pink – children’s cancer, breast cancer

• Teal – women reproductive issues

• Rainbow – LGBT

Awareness bracelets are the millennium’s product. The popularity of these bracelets found its way to special interest groups which use it to spread its message and increase awareness to a wider population. With the appropriate combination of color and design, the bracelets become a powerful tool for communicating the message of interest groups.

Capitalizing on the human nature of sharing that which is received free, the wristbands are the perfect tool to reach a wider range of people. For that matter, money used on awareness bracelets are nothing compared to the gratification one gets in supporting a worthy cause.

Choosing A Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers are those who make and deliver speeches in order to motivate, inspire and encourage other people. Also known as inspirational speakers, motivational speakers are often favorite guests in commencement exercises, public speaking sessions and life coaching sessions. Motivational and inspirational speeches are now commonly known as pep talk.

Good SpeakersMotivational speeches may seem like a thing of little value; however, it has won wars, saved lives and changed the world. For many, these speeches were a beacon of hope in the bleak darkness. No one really knows where pep talks originated or who delivered the first one. However, it should be noted that a lot of great leaders and prominent figures spent a lot of time giving such speeches. For example, a speech by then US president Theodore Roosevelt comforted the whole nation after the Pearl Harbor bombing. He can be quoted to have said, ““We are now in this war. We are in it–all the way. It will not only be a long war, it will be a hard war….We don’t like it–we didn’t want to get in it–but we are in it and we’re going to fight it with everything we’ve got.”

Speakers are heroes in their own right as they motivate, inspire and encourage others to be the best version of themselves. They can also be considered as catalysts of the society through their powerful words.

Who is the ideal motivational speaker?

Now what does it take to be an inspirational speaker? Well, consider the views of a veteran motivational speaker who has presented to some of the world’s top leaders in the business, social and political arena. Someone who is not only a charming and engaging, but also has the background and credentials to back it up. Assume that this speaker has a background in the telecommunications industry, financial services industry and has even worked as a professional stand-up comedian. He has also written a book and is a weekly contributor to a global publication. What would such a person say?

Effective SpeakerMost likely, for him, a motivational speakers should have high-energy, humorous and do not resort to fluff. Furthermore, inspirational speakers should be able to focus their content on the niche of the audience they are speaking to. Motivational speakers should not just talk but they should speak with conviction and interact with his audience.

Of course, knowing those things won’t be enough for you to know how to pick the right speaker.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to check out these additional tips in finding one:

(1) Consider the background of your speaker to the audience. Pick a speaker who has sufficient background with the topic and theme of your session. Also pick a speaker of reputable background and preferably an expert in your field.

(2) Do a brief research to get a brief background of your prospective motivational speakers. Short-list your choices by ticking off those who do not fit in with your qualifications. Check out their websites if ever they have one. The speaker’s website is much like a resume for more information about motivational speakers visit here It would tell you of the academic background, past work experiences and other pertinent information with regard to the speaker. Also ask for the review and testimonials of the people who had had them as a speaker before.

(3) Consider the fees of the motivational speaker. As per experience, those speakers who charge a bit more are more likely to be better speakers than those charging a bit lower.

Aside from the aforementioned, take into account the importance of humor in a motivational speech. As you may have heard, a speaker could be knowledgeable on the topic but if he does not have humor, the speech is expected to fall flat. A great motivational speech is a combination of business, humor and motivation.

Basically, choosing a motivational speaker is just common sense. Pick the one who best fits with your taste and budget. After finalizing which keynote speaker to invite, contact him and secure him for the date of the event. Inform him of the theme and other necessary information with regard to the event. Also provide him with invitation, event agenda and other pertinent information like the dress code for the event and who are the important people attending the event.

As they say, the more information a speaker has, the better equipped he’ll be in catering to your needs and most importantly, in connecting with the audience. The latter is definitely important – after all, it’s your ultimate goal in getting a speaker.

Trading Custom Trading Pins

Trading pins has become a viable hobby for countless of people for quite some time. How does this work? Well, it works exactly as how it’s named. It is essentially people trading their custom trading pins with each other. This term also includes people buying or selling trade pins of a common theme.

Custom trading pins are these small pins that may be customized with any kind of design you want. These may be worn on any kind of clothing, may it be on a shirt, on your necktie, or even on a scarf. Trading pins are more often used as a memorabilia for an event, or a celebration. For example, if your Baseball team won the World Series, then most likely, there will be pins of various designs made, to commemorate the event. The same is true for the 50th anniversary celebration of your fraternity or club, or even the centennial of a country’s independence. You can basically have custom trading pins made for any reason.

Trading Custom Trading PinsIt has become a hobby to trade these custom trading pins because of their value as memorabilia. The more limited these pins are, the higher their value. See, some pins are limited in the sense that only a few were manufactured. For example, it may be possible that for the centennial anniversary of a country’s independence day, only 100 trading pins were made, and these were given to only a select few who at that time were deemed deserving by an awarding body.

This exclusivity makes the value of these custom trading pins higher than if thousands were made of the same design. A rare pin may be traded for another pin of similar value, or if traded for money, definitely for a bigger amount than just your normal run off the mill custom trading pin. The same goes for limited pins commemorating the Olympics, or the championships of any kind of sport. For as long as only a limited number of these pins commemorating an event are manufactured, you can be assured of their value.

Pin trading may be done anywhere. In fact, some companies have even sponsored these pin trading events in terms of venue. More often than not, this happens if the company itself has a long history of having trading pins made for themselves. For example, it may be possible for really established companies to have trading pins and other memorabilia made for their anniversaries. If they’re the kind of company that does this, chances are, they will be willing to sponsor a pin or memorabilia trading event. The theme of the event will of course be trading pins or memorabilia which their company had made decades ago. This will attract hobbyists and trade pin collectors from all over the country.

Yes, pin collectors, especially the hardcore ones, indeed flock to these events regardless of whether they have to drive far or even ride a plane just to get to the venue. These hardcore pin collectors are those known to have collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. They scour through pin trading events trying to look for the rarest pins that they could possibly find.

As to what they do with the pins, no one knows. But essentially, that’s what a hobby is – no one really knows why you do it, and why you spend so much time, effort, and money on it. All that matters is that your hobby makes you feel good and you see the value in whatever it is that you are doing. If you end up making money from your hobby, then good for you – you might have just found the perfect hobby.